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We Got Jeff In december And everything Went Very Well. We Were Sent Updates And Photos Of Him Over We Got Jeff In december And everything Went Very Well. We Were Sent Updates And Photos Of Him Over  The weeks Before We Were Able To Bring Him Home. We Have Never Had A yorkie Before But teacup yorkie shop Has Been  Very Helpful And Answered All Of My Questions. The Vet Says He Is Healthy And His Growth Is Right On Track.  He is Very Smart. We thank you guys for giving us such a wonderful companion to our family.

Sherman Carrera


I purchased my first parti yorkie from teacup yorkie shop two years ago. You guys did a wonderful job socializing and desensitizing. Dixie is s female and has a wonderful temperament. They are very active dogs and do well with routine. She is wonderful with my three children. I’m actually purchasing another puppy from her this month. You really won’t be sorry with a toy yorkie!

Murphy Rice

El paso,TX

After searching for a while looking for a breeder who cares about their toy yorkies and not just the opportunity to profit from them. I found and I contacted them, and immediately knew they were the ones I would want to work with for my new baby! We got everything we asked for our Carly is healthy beautiful and such a fun loving guy! I would HIGHLY recommend them for a breeder! They take special care with the pups, they communicate with you, send pictures that make your heart melt and an amazing family that very much care about the future of the pups and their new families. Excellent!

Stacy Gonzales

San Francisco, CA

Me and my girlfriend bought a puppy last friday and we just wanted to let you know how he is doing. He is absolutely perfect and the best little puppy I could ever imagine. He fits into our family too well. He loves us so much, he whines a lot when we leave but he is just precious. We took him to the vet on Tuesday and all checked out fine. I just wanted to say thank you so much for providing Mite to our family!❤️

George Williams

Billings, MT

Just wanted to send you pictures of the prettiest guy around, everybody loves him, personally cant get enough of him, thanks for all the advice you gave. He just cant stop running around, my home has been filled with joy since his arrival; looking forward to send you more news of how he is doing. 

Veronica Houston


Hey Harley!!!!
Thank you so much for everything! You guys were so sweet and we really enjoyed visiting with you. Robert and I were overwhelmed by how you kept in contact with us and updated us so frequently. Our sweet little guy is so precious and already so protective of the kids. He is so loving and we are thrilled
Thank you again!!

Donna Johnson

Richmond, IN

Chloe is absolutely a thrill to have around, she is beginning to play with her peers since she was a little bit shy when I just got her. I think she will become more friendly with time given that she is still getting used to her new environment. I wanted to know more on her feeding habits because she is extremely selective with what she eats. She is just like me because I am a little bit shy too, i love her very much. thanks again Teacup Yorkie Shop

Sally Hallicot


In June, we had to say goodbye to our 13 year old Standard Yorkshire. At the time, as seniors we thought we wouldn’t get another dog, never mind a puppy. But, we saw Teacup yorkie newborn puppies on the internet and contacted her for more information. We went for a couple of visits and were really impressed with the family/home atmosphere in which they were being raised. We fell in love with her two adults Georgia and Bo. We decided on a brown female puppy and named her Gracie. She has turned out to be a delightful, healthy, very intelligent dog. She is eager to please and therefore learns quickly. Because she started her life with children, she loves being with our grandkids. She is our third yorkie and the most affectionate one we have ever had. Thank you Poo Poo and family for the loving, caring, start your puppies get.

Garrison Durt


I need to get the word out on how happy I am that I purchased my 2 boys from you, teacup yorkie. I knew I had to make the 7 hour drive from Quebec because when I saw the pups on your web site and  I knew your puppies were the ones I would pick as my new best friend to bring home. They looked happy and healthy so I thought what do I have to lose. When I called you I knew right then and there that you were the person I wanted to deal with . I had searched all over the internet and called multiple breeders … I was not impressed . You are a dog person first and a breeder second . You loved your pups and when I went it was very clear as you were very protective making sure we washed and sterilized our hands before touching the pups.

I ended up purchasing 2 boys Shiloh and Odin.

What I appreciated is teacupYorkieShop would not let the boys go until I was approved as they are his boys first and he was very protective over his Canine Kids…
Well let me say I would buy a puppy from him again and highly recommend him to my friends , and as one dog lover to another you just know when you meet him and see the healthy babies he has. If you want the most beautiful , smart pups ever …maybe I am bias but I think my boys are the most beautiful perfect pups!!  Thank you teacupYorkieShop for these two clowns they make me laugh everyday !!

I would like you to post this on your website and share my joy over adopting your Canine Kids they bring me endless joy,  please feel free to use the picture I have attached as a happy client.

Sergeo Laurent